The Parry Sound-Muskoka NDP Riding Association is made up of a group of people with a strong commitment to the values of community, sustainability and fairness.

We recognize that people do not join the NDP just to participate in elections.  They join because they are deeply troubled by the direction that their government is taking, and most importantly, they join because they share a vision for the kind of world they want to leave for their grandchildren.

Some of our recent initiatives include advocating for affordable housing, working with local hospital workers in their bid to save our hospital lab services and holding public meetings on issues like poverty and the environment.

There are many opportunities through the NDP to make a difference in this region. Bring your talents and your passion and join us!


3 thoughts on “About

  1. To whom it may concern
    I am interested in becoming a member of the NDP and helping in the lead up to the next election.
    Let me know how I can help.

    Kind regards,

    Richard Mehedan

    1. Hello Richard
      Clyde Mobbley here, riding president.
      My cell number is 705 205-0337. If you could give me a call at your convenience.

  2. Hi
    Until recently I was the President of Kitchener-Waterloo NDP. My wife and I own property in Armour Township. There are 8 candidates for Councillor with 4 to be elected: Rob Blakelock; Jerry Brandt; Marty Corcoran; Dave Creasor; Marina Hammond; Patrick Hayes; Trevor James; & Doug Jeffers. Are any of these people at least sympathetic to New Democrats? Are any of these people hostile to us
    Yours in Socialism
    Larry Aberle

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